Osty Fresh Scrub Bar Soap

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Packed with skin beneficial minerals and oils, our Fresh Scrub Bar Soap draws out toxins from the skin and gently cleanses which prepares your face for the natural oils which moisturize, protect and nourish your skin.  This long-lasting soap bar is a great cleanser/moisturizer that leaves your face fresh and clean.  And it has a natural scent that smells great.  Develops a smooth rich lather. Great for all skin types.  Made in the U.S.A.

Weight: approx. 4.25 oz


Sea Salts are full of minerals beneficial to the skin such as magnesium, calcium, potassium and zinc. Sea salts draw toxins out of the body while allowing the natural oils in the soap to absorb more readily into the skin. Additionally, the salt acts as a gentle exfoliant to remove dead skin cells.

Ground Oatmeal and the natural oils it contains, help to moisturize, protect and gently cleanse the skin. Additionally, ground oatmeal helps to exfoliate the skin and correct the skin's pH which can provide relief for itchy or inflamed skin.

Organic Shea Butter is high in stearic and oleic acids, which will produce a long-lasting hard soap with a conditioning lather.

Olive Oil is considered to be one of the best treatments for dry skin as its moisturizing properties help to soften the skin texture, hold moisture and nourish it without interfering with natural skin function.

Coconut Oil helps to produce a bar of soap that has excellent cleaning properties and provides a luxurious bubbly lather.

Soybean Oil, Corn Oil and Sunflower Oil provide hardness and stability to the soap bar.

Water and Sodium Hydroxide are two ingredients that create the necessary chemical reaction to saponify the oils.

Fragrance contains sharp earthy and woody notes with a hint of floral for added depth.

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